City of Helsinki


City of Helsinki, PWD Construction Management

Energy efficiency team in PWD Construction management division plays a key role in providing expertise in energy efficiency for Helsinki pilot and the whole project. The division is a part of Public Works Department and has the responsibility of building new public buildings, parks, roads and bridges for the City of Helsinki and refurbishing the existing ones.

Improving energy efficiency of the building stock has been a part of the activities of the division since 1974. Annual energy consumption monitoring of the building stock was started in 1978, updated to monthly basis in 1995 and is currently getting closer to hourly and real-time monitoring. Helsinki joined first national voluntary energy saving agreement in 1993 and the following agreement periods after that. Currently Helsinki is committed in saving energy in its own activities by 9 % by 2016 and in reducing CO2 emissions in the city area by at least 20 % by 2020.

PWD Construction management is responsible of tens of City-owned public buildings being energy audited each year, energy efficiency training is provided for facility managers, janitors and building users, case pilot projects with new technology and utilizing renewable energy are carried out together with other energy saving measures. Low-energy building guidelines for the city, program for ecological construction, energy efficiency action plan and sustainable energy action plan are examples of the guidance and planning the division provides for the City. It also participates in R&D projects, EU projects and arranges energy efficiency related communication campaigns and events for citizens. During the past decade the energy efficiency point of view has transformed into wider focus on tackling the climate change. City of Helsinki is a member of international city networks Energy Cities, EUROCITIES and METREX, which all have energy efficiency related programs and activities.

City of Helsinki, Premises Center

Premises Center is the owner of Helsinki pilot. Premises Center is a part of Real Estate Department, which manages and develops real estate owned by the City of Helsinki. The department is in charge of assigning city-owned housing, granting housing-related loans and subsidies, selling, buying, and leasing plots and business facilities, producing the city’s official cartographic material and providing ground survey information and other geotechnical services.

The Premises Center is responsible for the service facilities and premises owned by the City. In addition to being the owner in building and refurbishment projects of city premises it manages the operation and management of buildings and premises and leases them out.

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